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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a clothing oddity

I got some new clothes at Target the other day. Sometimes I hate buying clothes. I never know which size I need so I always grab two of everything and then I'm limited to only six items at a time in the fitting room. And four of them don't work. You can see how it takes a while for me to find clothes.

I got these two shirts. The white sweater was on clearance (yay!) and I really like the black button-down. Want to know something funny?

One is a large and the other is an extra-small.

And yes, they're both from the women's department.

Can you guess which is which?

Maybe it will help if I put them like this.

I bet you guessed the black shirt is the large and the white sweater is the extra-small.

You're WRONG.

Yes, it's true. The white sweater from the WOMEN'S DEPARTMENT is a large and the black button-up is an extra-small. I'd hate to see an extra-small sweater. What teeny-bopper would fit in that? It probably wouldn't fit a six year old. Maybe that's why it was on clearance.

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