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Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July highlights

Wow, what a busy weekend!

Thursday night Darren had his softball game. He played third base quite a bit and he really enjoyed it, so I think he's going to start playing there more, instead of first or the outfield. After the game we went up to the cabin just in time for the sunset.

Neither one of us had work on Friday so we spent the day with our friends from Iowa. We played some croquet, the boys went wakeboarding, and we just relaxed. And ate. We ate a lot.

(Yes, that is a tent behind me. And yes, I did sleep in it the night before this picture was taken. No, it was not comfortable.)

Saturday was the Fourth and we had a big family get-together at my aunt and uncle's cabin, which is one the same lake. Very convenient for us.

I made this cake from a recipe (here) I found on The Pioneer Woman's blog. Darren did the decorating. I wasn't sure the blueberries would taste okay with the strawberry shortcake taste, but he seemed to think they would. No one complained, anyway. If you do make this recipe, try it with a 2" deep 8" diameter pan, like the recipe says. I did it with two 8 1/2" pans, because they weren't as deep, and they ended up getting a little overdone and dry. Or do it with two pans and bake them for less time...lesson learned there.

After lunch a bunch of the boys did some wakeboarding and tubing. Later on in the afternoon Darren and I went mini-golfing with his mom at the golf course where his dad works part-time, since the poor man had to work the Fourth of July. Darren's mom took this picture of us at the golf course. We hardly have any pictures together!

After mini-golf we went back to the cabin and relaxed until fireworks. I didn't take any pictures of them for two reasons:

1. I was too tired.
2. They never turn out.
3. I don't know how to make them turn out.

Okay, that was three reasons...but hopefully some year (after I read my beast of a lesson book on using my Canon Rebel) I'll be able to take some.

Sunday we went to church and went back up to the cabin for lunch. Our friends came again and we went tubing. This is my favorite picture. Yes, that is my husband jumping through the air.

My uncle pulled all four of us--two on each tube--but then there wasn't anyone to take pictures, so I don't have any of that. It makes me sad.

Darren and I went home and collapsed on the couch after unloading the vehicles. I did about three thousand loads of laundry.

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