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Friday, July 31, 2009

July Budget: A Summary

So I had eighteen thousand (or, okay, a couple) verbal comments about the budget I shared with you here. My friends and family have found something new about which they can tease me mercilessly.

But you know, if it wasn't about my accounting geek-ness, it would just be about something else.

That's the way my life goes.

But this post is not about my sad, pathetic state. It is about my budget. So, moving forward.

Way, way back a long time ago at the end of June I shared with you how I would like to trim some of the expense out of our budget and explained how I was hoping to do so. I also said I would let you know how it went at the end of July.

Well, guess what? It's the end of July; the results are in. And I know you're sitting on the edge of your seat to see whether or not I made my goal.

Or maybe you're just sitting on the edge of your seat because you're afraid if you get too comfortable in that chair you'll fall asleep reading this boring post about numbers. What can I say? This extreme exhibition of Type-A personality is not for everyone. If at any time you feel as though you are in danger of falling asleep in your chair and banging your head on the keyboard, STOP. Thank you.

Now, for those of you who are REALLY interested (and not just so you can make fun of me) here's how it all breaks down:

Groceries Goal: $250
Spent: I'm embarrassed to say this...$408
Do not even ask me how this happened. I don't know, but for some strange reason am inclined to blame it on my husband. And also, SlimFast products. And the Fourth of July. And camping trips. And the Co-op. Okay, there was a lot going on this month.

Please, no jokes about my grocery bill.

Dining Out Goal: $40
Spent: $24

Other Food Goal: $0
Spent: $0

Home Supplies Goal: $70
Spent: $125
Yes, I know, bad Alaina. But I was buying up some stuff for when we move down to the cities, because we don't own any Ziploc bags or Glad Force Flex of our own.

Video Rentals/Purchases Goal: $15
Spent $10

Gifts Goal: $100
Spent: $92

Toiletries Goal: $40
Spent: $20

Fun Goal: $250
Spent: $130

So, all of that to say, I overspent my "goals" by $44, which isn't bad considering how many groceries I bought this month. And, the best part of all...

We saved 54% of our income this month. Now, before I gave you an average monthly savings, so some months were much better than 17% and some months were obviously worse, like the month we went to Grand Cayman. But, as an average, we saved 17%. For us, saving 54% is huge. So overall it was a good month.

Even if I did spend $400 on groceries.

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  1. way to go! I definately overspent on groceries this month, but my sister is bringing up some Aldi stuff for me that will go a long way.