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Thursday, July 30, 2009

An Evening in the Kitchen

I was in the kitchen all night last night.

No, you don't understand. Literally, ALL NIGHT.

I got home at 5:00 and went to bed at 10:00 and I stood in that darn kitchen for all those hours. Well, except the 20 minutes I sat down and scarfed down my peas and potatoes.

I shredded 15 cups of zucchini, I washed 5 piles of dirty dishes, I cooked a dinner of peas and potatoes, I made 3 dozen cookies, I washed grapes, I washed blueberries, I washed strawberries, and I made 10 jars of raspberry jam.

What a night.

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Here I am with the HUGE zucchini from the garden. This bad boy gave me six shredded cups. Man, I love zucchini. I've found several new recipes I'm very excited to try.

Darren had picked raspberries and since we're going camping this weekend and have softball tonight I wanted to get them all done up so they wouldn't go bad by the time we got around to them next week. He just ran up to the grocery store quick and bought some sure-gel and cans and went to work.

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We got nearly 10 cups out of the berries.

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Mmmm...I love jam.

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Then, I made Snickerdoodles.

Only they aren't the Snickerdoodles you're thinking of.

They're better.

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So tasty. Go here for the recipe. The are delish.

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