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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Discourse on Rhubarb

I love rhubarb.

If you've never had rhubarb, or don't even know what it is, you're missing out.

It's pretty much too late for this year, unless you can find some that hasn't gone to seed. I believe I did pick rhubarb one year that had gone to seed already, and no harm came of it. Darren and I went out to his grandparent's last weekend and picked a bunch. (They chop off the seed part when it starts to come up and it all grows another round then.) We have 15 cups frozen and we used 5 cups to make a batch of rhubarb jam. Yummy.

Here are my three favorite rhubarb treats with links to the recipes:
Delectable Rhubarb Pie

If I weren't already married, I think I would marry rhubarb.

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